May 15, 2015

Iwa Fellows Nomination

Recognising sustained outstanding contribution to the profession, IWA Fellows are nominated for their significant contributions as an engineer, educator, utility manager, regulator, researcher, engineer, scientist, or as a technical leader. This recognition is based on past contributions to the industry and IWA, and for the nominee’s commitment to continued professional contributions in the future, including their active participation in IWA activities.

The nomination process for IWA fellow 2015 is now open.
The nomination process has four steps.
STEP 1# A Nominator initiates the process online through the IWA Fellows Nomination Portal. Nominators must be IWA members and can propose any other IWA member (who has been an IWA member for a period of five consecutive years or more) as an IWA Fellow. Self-nominations are not accepted.

STEP 2# The Nominator must provide basic information about him/herself and the Nominee i.e. name, organization and contact information.

STEP 3# An automated email will be sent to the Nominee asking them to:
a) Complete a form online stating that:

  • They are in agreement to be nominated for this award;
  • They have read and agree with the requirements defined in the IWA Fellows Guideline document (a link will be provided in the automated email);
  • Their intention to continue contributing to the Association through their work as an IWA Fellow.

b) Complete an online IWA Fellow Proposed Activity Plan (in line with the IWA Strategic Plan 2014-2018);
c) Upload their CV/Resume;
d) Upload a High resolution photo.

STEP 4# The Nominator gathers letters of support (minimum of 3) and uploads them to the nomination portal. Letters from supporters from different organizations and countries are encouraged.

The Nominations deadline is 15 July 2015.
Nominations are reviewed by the IWA Fellows Steering Committee; their recommendations are sent to the IWA Board of Directors for approval.

Nomination criteria

  1. An IWA Fellow must have made a distinguished contribution to the advancement of water science and technology as an educator, a practitioner, a utility manager, a regulator, a researcher, engineer, a scientist or as a technical leader, etc.
  2. This recognition is not only for past achievements.  An IWA Fellow is expected to continue his/her professional contribution actively in the future, and to demonstrate the contribution to society of IWA members.
  3. At the time of the nomination, the Nominee must have been an IWA member for a period of five consecutive years or more, including the year of evaluation.

If you have any other questions, please email Dr. Hong Li.