International Water Association and C40 Join Efforts to Enable Water-Wise Cities

IWA and C40 are joining efforts to connect water professionals and city officials to support, promote and enable progressive water-related solutions that contribute to adaptation and mitigation of climate change impacts at a city-level.

Through IWA’s Principles for Water-Wise Cities, local authorities, utilities, engineers, technology providers, knowledge institutes and NGOs – all part of the IWA Network – have committed to 17 Principles to improve water management and work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Together with C40’s global network of cities that are committed to taking action towards meeting climate targets, a powerful movement now connects water and cities to realize our global goals.

Sustainable water and wastewater management are central to cities securing a low-carbon, resilient future. Reducing water loss, reusing wastewater and replenishing water bodies are three examples of how cities can improve water management, contribute to reducing their GHG emissions, and adapt to climate change impacts.

A Memorandum of Understanding signed today, commits both organisations to connect their respective networks and identify mechanisms, activities and actions that address climate change impacts at a city-level. Key areas of collaboration are around knowledge development and dissemination and advocacy and communication.


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