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Call for nominations open for SG Management Committees

Nominations are open for management committees of the following Specialist Groups:

About the Sustainability in the Water Sector SG

Sustainability is a cross-cutting objective of the International Water Association which cuts across and applies to all of its programs and specialist groups.

As indicated in The Lisbon Charter published by IWA in 2015, IWA covers all facets of the water cycle, and in all areas concerns itself with the long-term protection of people, economic activities, and the environment. The role of the Sustainability Specialist Group is to develop tools, products, and activities that will help all those whose actions involve water (e.g., utilities, regulators, educators, government agencies, the public, and industry) do so from a perspective that takes into account economic, social, and environmental factors, both today and in the future. Because a commitment to sustainability underlies all IWA programs, the Sustainability Specialist Group has the potential to collaborate with and support any aspect of IWA’s work.

The Management Committee comprises representatives of various geographical areas including Africa, Central Asia, East Asia & the Pacific, Eastern Europe, Greater China, Latin America & the Caribbean, Middle East, North America, South Asia and Western Europe. An election for the management committee will be held every 4 years.

About the Membrane Technology SG

The IWA Membrane Technology Specialist Group (MT SG) unites the best experts from around the world who are specialised in membrane technology.

Currently, membranes are the only technology that can provide an “absolute” barrier to protect public health when treating water for drinking quality, membranes become the most economical technology to desalinate brackish and seawater, and membranes are opening a new era for water reuse, Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR) and Direct Potable Reuse (DPR).

As membrane technologies are relatively new processes, the exchange of information and cross-collaboration between experts, scientists, and practitioners is a fundamental necessity to develop membrane processes, advance membrane treatment, and widely spread knowledge on how to benefit people in all parts of the world by having access to basic as well as in-depth expert knowledge and global experience. As population and industry grow globally, there is an increasing demand for treatment processes, and membrane technologies are playing important and in some applications a vital role to provide the right and sound solutions when treating water for drinking purposes, desalination, or reuse of municipal or industrial effluent.

The Management Committee comprises representatives from all over the world. An election for the management committee will be held every 4 years.

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