Call for nominations open for IWA’s Strategic Council

IWA is actively seeking out members who would like to be involved in the strategic direction of the Association.

We are pleased to announce that the opening of the self-nomination period for the election of IWA’s Strategic Council 2023 begins today (Monday 26 June 2023).

The IWA Strategic Council (SC) provides advice to the IWA Governing Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Executive Director regarding long-range issues, strategic plans, and activities that will further the Association’s goals and objectives. In addition, the Strategic Council assists in the coordination of the work of various specialist groups, task groups, clusters, task forces and other working groups of the Association.

For full details of the role (SC terms of reference) and membership of the Strategic Council, please visit


The IWA Strategic Council renews around one third of its membership every two years. All members of the Council should be members of IWA, either individually or as a nominated representative via their employer. (If you haven’t renewed for 2023, please do so via IWA Connect Plus.)

Open Seats

This year, we are looking forward to receiving candidatures from members for a total of 12 open seats in the 2023 Strategic Council election. These are within the following categories:

  • Specialist Group Representatives (4)
  • Utility – General (3)
  • Consultant – General (1)
  • Regulator – General (2)
  • Other segments – Low and Middle Income Countries (1)
  • Individual Researcher (1)

The IWA country classification can be accessed online.

How to apply

If you qualify for one of the open categories and are interested in nominating yourself to the IWA Strategic Council, please:

  • Submit your nomination by filling out this form (which will take ten minutes approximately) before 17:00 (UK Time), 21 July 2023. Please note you will need to log in with your valid IWA Membership number to complete this online form.

Submission details

  • Due Date/Time: Nominations must be submitted by 21 July 2023 at 17:00 (UK Time). Late submissions will not be considered.
  • Electronic Form: Nominations must be submitted through the electronic submission form on IWA Connect Plus.
  • File Name: The candidate CV must use the following file name convention: FirstName_LastName_Country_CV.pdf (e.g., Mark_Lee_UK_CV.pdf).


After the self-nomination, several steps will follow:

  1. All nominations for the seats of Specialist Groups (SG) will be sent to the selected SG for possible endorsement.
  2. All other nominations will be sent to the selected IWA Governing Member (GM) for possible endorsement. For those who do not have an IWA GM in the country/region you work, please choose an appropriate IWA GM from the list (e.g., neighbouring country/region or birth country) for possible endorsement.
  3. An electronic voting process will follow, with GMs or SGs voting for the open seats, respectively.
  4. As a final step, the voting results will be submitted to IWA’s Board for consideration and potential approval. 

For more information about IWA Governing Members, please click here.

*Please note that the nominations received later than 17:00 (UK Time) 21 July 2023 will not be considered. Only successful candidates will be contacted in September 2023.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Thank you for your participation in this important process.