• water governance

Water Governance: Aiming at better policies and innovation

Organization IWA
Author Francisco Nunes Correia
Year 2014
Topics Water Governance, Regulation and Utility Management
Level of action Water & Sanitation services/ Utility level


In this presentation, Prof. Nunes discusses what good water governance means for the delivery of water services and management of water resources.  Francisco Nunes Correia was the Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Regional Development of the Portuguese Government, 2005-09. He instituted important reforms, notably a new Water Law and related institutional changes, including water resources, water services and a new framework for territorial administration. He is President of the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georesources. Co-ordinator of several European research projects, including EUROWATER and WATER 21, he is author or co-author of 9 books and over 130 articles, chapters and technical reports.