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The Social Dimensions of Innovation in Water

Organization IWA
Author Dipak Gyawali
Year 2014
Topics Water & society
Level of action Water & Sanitation services/ Utility level



Dipak Gyawali is Director of the Nepal Water Conservation Foundation and Pragya of the Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology. As Nepal’s Minister of Water Resources, Dipak was responsible for power, irrigation and flood control. A Cultural Theorist upholding the idea of institutional pluralism, he initiated the “communitization” of electricity in rural Nepal; the “internal unbundling” of the monopoly electric utility; and the privatisation of a generation component, to date, Nepal’s largest controversy free privatisation. He chairs quantitative social science research firm, Interdisciplinary Analysts, and the newly founded Nepâ School of Social Sciences and Humanities. He directs research at the non-profit Nepal Water Conservation Foundation