• multipurpose utility
  • water-energy nexus

The options and opportunities for a big multipurpose utility

Organization IWA
Author Lars Therkildsen
Year 2018
Topics Drinking Water Systems, Resource Recovery and Reuse, Urban Water Management, Wastewater systems, Water & Environment
Level of action Water & Sanitation services/ Utility level


The notion of providing essential services at the lowest possible resource use is driving the multi-utility concept, a trend in the utility sector in which one company provides various utility services. What synergies can an integrated provision of services bring?

HOFOR, the Utility of Greater Copenhagen, provides drinking water, wastewater services, heating and cooling, and erects wind turbines throughout the country to promote CO2-neutral energy. Its CEO, Lars Therkildsen, explains not only the efficiencies gained through this approach but also the optimal results achieved through HOFOR’s mitigation and adaptation measures to ultimately contribute to a more healthy, liveable and attractive city.

In 2008, Lars was appointed CEO of Københavns Energi, which in 2012 merged to form HOFOR, owned by eight municipalities, including the City of Copenhagen.