Water Science and Engineering

Master of Science


The Water Science & Engineering MSc Programme at UNESCO IHE Institute for Water Education focuses on the management and development of water resources and water flows and quality in the natural environment, while addressing the multidisciplinary character of human activities dealing with water. The specializations within this programme explore natural and anthropological influences on the water cycle, from the perspectives of civil engineering, technology and earth sciences. They are of direct relevance to sustainable development because they prepare graduates to improve the management of human impact on water resources, design simulation models for various phases of the water cycle, and develop methods of reducing the impact of water-related natural hazards.

Course Objectives

– Hydroinformatics – Modelling and Information Systems for Water Management
– Hydrology and Water Resources
– Land and Water Development for Food Security
– Coastal Engineering and Port Development
– Groundwater and Global Change – Impacts and Adaptation – Erasmus Mundus Programme with TU Dresden, Germany and University of Lisbon, Portugal
– Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Development
– Flood Risk Management – Erasmus Mundus Programme with TU Dresden, Germany, TU Catalonia, Spain and the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia