Water Safety Planning – Managing Catchments Risks

IWA Water safety planning; water supply; planning and operations

Target Audience

Water utility operators, water utility managers, regulators, water safety planning team members, water supply system operations and maintenance personnel


This webinar is being hosted by the IWA Water Safety Planning Specialist Group and is part of their preparation for the 2022 International Conference for Water Safety,  June 22-24, 2022, in Narvik (Norway). The first webinar was held on April 7, and the recordings are available here.


Water Safety Planning (WSP) is a comprehensive risk assessment and risk management approach that includes all steps in the water supply from catchment to consumer. WSP is a proactive management system that ensures a continuous supply of safe drinking water by (i) knowing the system thoroughly, (ii) identifying where problems might occur, (iii) putting barriers and management systems in place to stop problems before they happen, and (iv) making sure all parts of the water supply system work properly.


WSPs are instrumental in climate change adaptation and resilience for water utilities. They should be part of a coherent and holistic strategy to ensure sustainable water resources and a safe and secure water supply.


This webinar will share the experiences and challenges in understanding and assessing the risks in the catchment through practical cases from Sri Lanka, South Africa and Australia. It will also highlight the importance of catchment assessment using appropriate tools/criteria to accurately understand the impact on downstream processes such as water treatment plant performance. 

Learning Objectives

During the webinar, participants will be able to: 

  • Learn about best practices utilities are applying to manage the development and implementation of Water Safety Plans. 
  • Identify needs and requirements for successfully implementing a digital tool to manage water safety planning activities.  
  • Choose the appropriate tool for local settings to develop and implement robust and resilient water safety planning that enables utilities to rapidly respond to hazards and risks.


Additional Resources

Presentation slides: download it here.

Q&A report: to be added




International Water Association; IWA Specialist Group "Water Safety Planning"


  • Philip de Souza, Emanti Management, South Africa (moderator)
  • Jayalal Wijesinghe, National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB), Sri Lanka
  • Thabisa Manxodidi Emanti Management, South Africa
  • Asoka Jayaratne, Yarra Valley Water, Water Quality Specialist, Australia
  • Andrew Ball, Water New South Wales, Australia