IWA Emerging Water Leaders Virtual Forum 2021: Online Panel A

IWA Young Water Professionals

Target Audience

Young Water Professionals


The IWA Emerging Water Leaders 1st Virtual Forum , which took place on 9-11 November, is a virtual event which sets an open platform for YWPs to connect with their peers from around the world. The Forum is a place to share professional experiences and to highlight the important responsibility of Young Water Professionals (YWPs) working on the solutions for a water wise future.

This online panel of the Virtual Forum highlighted a very significant question: How are young professionals leading the water industry through disruptive change?

Within this context, the following topics were debated:

  • Leading Water in a Low- Carbon World (Dhesigen Naidoo)
  • The Economic Perspective of Disruptive Change (Jennifer Moller-Gulland)
  • Shape a Climate Smart Urban Water System for Future (Dong Xin)

Learning Objectives

Following this online panel, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of innovation for the development of a Low-Carbon World.
  • Understand the water risk angle in the journey of enabling and accelerating disruptive changes in sustainable water management.
  • Learn how to develop alternative approaches towards water resources quality.
  • Learn how to transform  faced by the water  sector challenges into opportunities.
  • Gain an understanding of the holistic approaches importance.


International Water Association


  • Dhesigen Naidoo President of HumanRight2Water, Member of Presidential Climate Commission, Research Associate at Institute for Security Studies Africa (South Africa)
  • Jennifer Moller-Gulland Founder of Water Risk Assessment Blue Print Training, Water Risk Expert & Water Economist at World Bank (Germany)
  • Dong Xin Associate Professor at Tsinghua University, Division of Environmental Analysis (China)
  • Moderator: Yang Villa Isle Utilities, (Philippines)
  • Moderator: Jacob Amengor Ghana Water Company Ltd & university of Calgary, (Ghana)