Industrial Water Reuse: Perspectives from Emerging Economies

IWA Circular Economy, Industrial Water, Water Reuse in Emerging Economies

Target Audience

Water professionals interested in industrial water reuse for application in emerging economies, IWA WRSG members and other related specialist groups: e.g., pre-treatment of industrial wastewaters, advanced oxidation processes, membrane technology.


This webinar is hosted by the IWA Specialist Group on Water Reuse. It is the second webinar of a series paving the road to the 13th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse to be held in Chennai on 15-19 January 2023. The first episode of the “On the Road to Chennai 2023” webinar series was held on 15 February 2022, highlighting trends of water reuse in the United States. This second episode focuses on industrial wastewater reuse from an emerging economy perspective.


Indeed, untreated wastewater can have a catastrophic environmental impact, and the industrial sector globally contributes to approximately 25% of wastewater production, ranking second only to agriculture in terms of water consumption. Therefore, it is essential to provide and illustrate best practices for better wastewater treatment and water reuse to reduce water consumption by the industrial sector.


Within this context, the Water Reuse Specialist Group will hold a webinar to review some of the best practices to reuse industrial wastewater across different regions, with a particular focus on Asia and Africa. The audience will hear from practitioners from diverse backgrounds to learn how to avoid or minimise the environmental impact of industrial water discharge into the environment. Examples of water recovery and recycling (e.g., use of treated greywater) in the industry will be provided.

Learning Objectives

Following this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the negative impact associated with untreated industry wastewater and how to minimise environmental risks
  • Get an overview of the importance of industrial wastewater management and the challenges inherent to this type of wastewater
  • Learn about best practices of water reuse applicable in various geographical zones, with a particular focus on solutions tailored to emerging economies


Additional Resources

Webinar on-demand: Water Reuse in the United States: A Trend on the Rise

Webinar presentation slides: available here



International Water Association & IWA Specialist Group on Water Reuse


  • Olivier Lefebvre, Associate Professor at National University of Singapore, Singapore (moderator)
  • Nupur Bahadur, Senior Fellow at the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India
  • James Villet, Plant Manager at Ujams Wastewater Treatment Company, Namibia
  • Varanon Laosuwan, Utilities Business Development Director at WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited, Thailand
  • Josef Lahnsteiner, Director Technology, R&D at WABAG, Austria