Water Reuse in the United States: A Trend on the Rise

IWA Water reuse; potable water reuse; fit for purpose water reuse; circular economy; one water approach

Target Audience

Utility staff, consulting and engineers, regulators, academics and researchers


This webinar is being hosted by the Water Reuse Specialist Group and is the first of 4-part series titled “On the Road to Chennai 2023”.  As climate change drives more weather extremes and populations continue to grow, the need for water is driving the development and implementation of water reuse policy and regulatory decisions across the United States. Thanks to growing public support and advancing technologies that are becoming more affordable, the treatment and recycling of wastewater for potable and non-potable uses continue to expand.  


During this webinar, experts will outline the latest research and implementation progress on reuse as a viable and desirable water supply option for regions throughout the US. The presentations will cover the latest research findings and focus areas, highlight the spectacular progress made in the State of California, and cover other great project examples from the rest of the country. 

Learning Objectives

During this webinar, participants will be able to learn:

  • Emerging practices around designing water reuse treatment schemes; 
  • The latest developments in the regulation of reuse schemes; 
  • Ongoing research projects and focus areas; 
  • Examples of different full-scale reuse projects. 


Additional Resources

Webinar presentation: download it here

Webinar Q&A: download it here


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