Groundwater: protecting tomorrow’s resources

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Target Audience

Water practitioners, water utility managers and operators, regulators, policy makers, and water security consultants


Groundwater resources globally provide about 50% of all drinking water, about 40% of water used for agriculture, and about 30% of the water supply required for industry, as well as sustaining aquatic ecosystems, maintaining river baseflows and preventing land subsidence and seawater intrusion. In the face of unpredictable global changes, there is a need to increase our understanding of groundwater, improve its governance and implement conjunctive and adaptive management. To mark World Water Day – on 22 March 2022, IWA is organizing a webinar on groundwater resources to highlight their importance, value and provide an overview of what IWA experts in this area are doing to contribute to the governance and sustainable management of this invisible resource.

The webinar will concentrate upon groundwater for human water-supply, discussing its linkages with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG6 – Water and Sanitation, the benefits and challenges of incorporating groundwater into the water supply, and the importance of “protecting tomorrow’s groundwater resource” for future generations. Participants will learn about sustainable groundwater use from different contexts around the world. In particular, the Danish groundwater experience will be presented. Denmark is a leading example of sustainable use and protection of groundwater. In Denmark, drinking water entirely comes from groundwater, which is carefully protected and managed sustainably. The webinar also marks a step on the ‘Road to Copenhagen’ as we approach the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition which will be held in Copenhagen (11-15 September 2022).

Learning Objectives

Following this session, participants will be able to:

  • Comprehend key issues related to sustainable groundwater use;
  • Understand how sustainable groundwater management can help achieve SDG6;
  • Understand the benefits for water utilities of incorporating groundwater into their water supply mix;
  • Learn the importance of “protecting tomorrow’s groundwater resource” for future generations


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Webinar presentation: download it here.

Q&A report: download it here.


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