Embracing indigenous perspectives to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

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Target Audience

IWA members and non-members, IWA SGs, IWA YWP Community, Students, Water Sector Professionals


As part of the activities to mark the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, the IWA Specialist Group on Sustainability in the Water Sector is proud to be the organiser of a webinar that will highlight indigenous perspectives in the water sector.

Water is an crucial element for all forms of life and all types of human communities, whether indigenous or non-indigenous. It plays a significant role in economic, environmental and cultural aspects. Indigenous peoples embrace and apply traditional methods and solutions to manage many of the water-related risks in a changing climate, often based on a life lived in marginal and adverse environments.

However, their long-established systems of values, knowledge and practices have been overlooked by modern water management approaches. Thus, they warrant more attention and require the direct involvement of indigenous peoples in all levels of development processes: local, national or global.

This webinar will highlight indigenous perspectives in the water sector. The content of this webinar will include the voices and experiences of indigenous people from different parts of the globe. They will discuss their challenges and perspectives on how they can contribute to the water sector’s input, reaching beyond SDG6 and towards accomplishing all other sustainable development goals.

Learning Objectives

The presentations and discussion in this webinar will equip participants to:

  • Identify challenges faced by indigenous peoples in the water industry, such as dealing with water-related risks and unequal access to water resources.
  • Learn about positive examples of indigenous systems and practices that have successfully addressed water challenges.
  • Identify actions to include indigenous peoples in contributing to achieving all sustainable development goals in the water sector on different levels.
  • Promote a more equal and inclusive water sector by gaining awareness of new approaches and perspectives.


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Webinar presentation slides: available here.

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