Digital Water Horizons: Leading the Next Wave of Innovation

IWA, Digital Water Programme Digitalisation of the Water sector

Target Audience

Practitioners, academics and researchers, utilities, students, engineers, policymakers, government representatives.


This meeting was hosted by the IWA Digital Water Programme (DWP).

In preparation for the IWA Digital Water Summit in Bilbao on 14-16 November 2023, the IWA DWP hosted a dynamic session uniting industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements in digital water management. Participants had the opportunity to engage directly with the Steering Committee of the Digital Water Programme as they presented current trends, challenges, and ground-breaking developments that are shaping the future of water technology. They were able to gain insights into the transformative potential of data analytics, IoT, AI, and other digital tools in revolutionising water resource management, treatment, and distribution. It was a great opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate with global experts who are propelling the digital transformation of the water sector.


Pre-meeting materials

Post-meeting materials

Learning Objectives

During and after the session, participants should now be able to:

  • Understand how digital technologies can enhance water resource management, improve efficiency, and contribute to long-term sustainability goals.
  • Engage directly with the Steering Committee and industry experts to gain insights into their experiences, strategies, and visions for the future of digital water.
  • Grasp the key concepts, technologies, and trends driving the digital transformation of the water sector, including AI, IoT, data analytics, and their applications.