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Latest trends in water technologies setting a fast pace

As the concept of a global community becomes more prominent via the use of digital and other communications innovations, so too is our water community. By engaging and harnessing global innovations, we collectively deliver great water for our communities and begin to generate “predictive” services/models that may intercede ahead of emergent issues.

For a time, the predominant challenge for water operators has been about maximising operational assets, reducing costs, while serving the communities with clean, safe and compliant water. But as technology develops, so too does community and industry expectations regarding the adoption of innovations using new technologies to deliver the best products efficiently and effectively.


The challenge at hand

Water operators globally have a primary health goal of disinfecting water and removing contaminants. These contaminants range from iron rich water to the highly deadly Naegleria fowleri, better known as brain eating amoebas, as recently highlighted in national media. With these varying levels of contaminants, drinking water quality is compromised across taste, smell, clarity and safety.

While traditional methods of disinfection have been used in the removal of these contaminants, they are not proving effective or efficient against contaminations, while maximising assets and keeping costs down.

Traditional disinfection relied heavily on large doses of chlorine and chemicals to treat the water, however, this can result higher plant costs, wear and tear, and residual disinfection by products. The latest thinking in regards to water treatment shows that pre- treatment is key to effective and efficient disinfection.


Global Reach, local application

Having a unique global view facilitates innovation as the trials and successes that work to solve one challenge can be applied across the globe to another similar challenge. Real data shows that pre-treatment using Magnetic Ion Exchange process technology allows the removal of DOC to reduce disinfection-by-products (DBPs) at drinking water plants ahead of other coagulation processes, often offsetting the cost of treatment downstream. These innovations can also remove multiple contaminants in a single unit process, lowering operational costs and providing a smaller footprint.


Future thinking

Generating predictive modelling to create technologies and products to help mitigate the issues before they emerge is at the forefront of water technologies. Providing flexibility for water operators and utilities to treat contaminants of concern now and in the future leads to more cost effective and efficient running pf plants while serving the primary health goal of clean, safe and compliant water.


About IXOM Watercare

IXOM Watercare is source water management solutions provider, utilising the MIEX® ion exchange. At Ixom Watercare, we are in the unique position to service communities across the globe. We have teams and projects in five of the seven continents globally and this provides us a distinctive viewpoint of global trends, new technology, innovations and R&D that we can use to service our local customers and their needs. Learn more: www.ixom.com


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