Get the Support from IWA

With IWA support we will lend our name as a “Supporting Organisation”. IWA is the world’s largest international water association with an established reputation for our high quality activities. Your event may be supported by IWA. You will reach a vaster audience within the water Sector and be regarded with increased recognition, awareness and advertising.

You will be able to target in a much easier way a larger number of Key actors in the water sector.

The high-quality papers from your conference will be considered for possible publication by IWA Publishing. (Note that the final decision would be rest with the chair of the IWA Editorial Committee).

Your event will be listed on our website and IWA Connect. Your event  will gain access to thousands of members in over 130 countries.

Which event may be supported?

To obtain IWA support your event must identify with our quality standards and must be organised by an entity internationally recognised.The event should be supported by a IWA Member or IWA structure (Young Water Professional, Specialist Group).

– The event must be supported by IWA structure (Young Water Professional, Specialist Group)

– The scope of the event must be International.

– The event must be supported by the Governing Member of the host country.

– The theme of the event must be relevant for IWA’s members.

– The event must provide a clear benefit to IWA and IWA’s members.

We mainly support events organised by non-profit organisations but we may consider exceptions to this.

Not all the events are entitled to be supported. The quality standards of the proposal will be reviewed in order to approve them.

The proposal is reviewed internally by IWAHQ conference staff. The response from the Secretariat may take from one day up to two weeks after the submission. If all criteria have been met then your proposal will be given final approval.

These are the few steps which need to be taken but we do ask that they be met in full in order to obtain our support:

Contact us at least 12 months before the proposed conference date. Submit the proposal at least 6 months before the conferece date.

The support of the IWA Member (Specialist Group, Young water professional, Governing member).  Please provide evidence of their support (email or a letter).

Check the full list of IWA events to avoid any duplication or overlap with IWA conferences.

A high calibre International Programme to ensure a good balance of the best expertise and good geographical balance.

On approval IWA Secretariat  will implement the agreed terms of support of  the event. Please note that it is not allowed to use the IWA branding and logo before official approval

Terms of the support Agreement

Proposer will agree to:

1) Use the IWA name and logo according to its supporting partner status and without any alteration on website, onsite boards, registration brochures and marketing materials.
2) Provide a discount to IWA members (>5% to 10% or  equivalent to the discount offered to other support parties)
3) Display free promotional material from IWA and IWA Publishing
4) Allow two IWA Officer and/or Staff member to attend the conference and register at no cost
5) A  fee will be charged for the use of IWA Brand (500EUR to 3000EUR depending on the size and location of the event)

Download your proposal form

To obtain IWA’s support as early as possible, please download, complete and submit the Detailed Proposal Form below. The response from the Secretariat may take up to two weeks, and once all criteria have been met, your proposal will be given final approval.

Submit proposal by email

Once you've completed the proposal, please submit it for approval below. Please make sure that allaspects of the proposal are completed before submission.

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