IWA Regional Conference on Water Reuse and Salinity Management

Local Organizer: CEBAS-CSIC
Community Organizer: Water Reuse

The IWA Regional Conference on Water Reuse and Salinity Management will address the problem of water scarcity induced by climate change in arid and semiarid areas, the use of non-conventional water sources in agriculture and the risk of agricultural land and groundwater salinization in areas where aquifers are significantly depleted. The assistants to IWARESA 2018 will benefit from an event that will present advancements on water reuse and salinity management in Murcia Region, a typical Mediterranean area where the salt and water stresses are the main limiting factors for a very productive and technical agriculture.


  • Innovation in desalination and water reclamation.
  • Renewable energies for water reclamation and desalination.
  • Emerging technology for minimization and valorization of brine.
  • New tools for mapping salinity at regional scale.
  • Plant and soil field salinity measurements.
  • Best practices of water reuse for irrigation.
  • Scheduling irrigation protocols for salty and/or reclaimed water.
  • Industrial and urban water reuse.
  • Sustainable soil management under irrigation with saline water.
  • Crop response to salinity and added value of salt tolerant crops.
  • Nutrients and fertilizers management using reclaimed water.
  • Cost and benefits of alternative water resources in agriculture.
  • Socio-economic impact of salinization and water reuse.
  • Safety aspects of treated wastewater use in agriculture
  • Public perception of water reuse and governance regulations.

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Juan José Alarcón Cabañero
Francisco Pedrero Salcedo
University of Bari Italy
Valentina Lazarova
Suez Environmet France
Rafael Mujeriego
Pedro Simón Andreu
Steve Grattan
University of Davis United States Of America
Francisco Osorio Robles
University of Granada Spain
Antonio Joao Carvalho de Albuquerque
University of Beira Interior Portugal
Isabel Martín
Alessandro Vivaldi
University of Bari Italy
Ioannis Kalavrouziotis
Hellenic Open University Greece
Takashi Asano
University of California Davis United States Of America
Lluis Sala
CCB Spain
Akica Bahri
African Water Utility Tunisia Tunisia
Francisco Pedrero Salcedo
University of Bari Italy
Jörg E. Drewes
University of Munich Germany
Fernando Morcillo
AEAS Spain
Camposeo Salvatore
University of Bari Italy
Alon Ben-Gal
ARO Israel
Ana Allende
Teresa Mª Navarro Caballero
ARO Israel
José Francisco Maestre
Technical University of Cartagena Spain
Alejandro Pérez Pastor
Technical University of Cartagena Spain
Francisco Alcón Provencio
Technical University of Cartagena Spain