Water Reuse


Today, with more than 3500 members and network members, the Water Reuse Specialist Group (WRSG) is the largest specialist group within IWA. With such a large pool of expertise, the WRSG makes substantial contributions to critical elements of water reuse by organizing international and regional events (conferences, workshops, webinars, etc.) and preparing publications and technical guidance documents to further promoting various good practice.

The WRSG focuses on:

  • Facilitating the implementation of save water reuse practice through the promotion of successful water reuse projects, innovative tools and the sharing of information via an international knowledge network
  • Emphasizing the role that water reuse can play in integrated water resources management, thereby improving the quality of life in developed and developing countries
  • Contributing to energy savings within the water cycle (as it can be more efficient to recycle water as compared to long distance transport or sea and brackish water desalination)
  • Preparing the next generation of water reuse leaders by promoting our Young Water Reuse Professionals