Beneath the Surface: The journey of water

The innovations making waves in the future of water

A new online film series produced for IWA and content partners by BBC StoryWorks

Beneath the Surface is a new online film series showcasing innovations taking place across the world of water, highlighting technological advancements and ways communities are coming together to protect this precious resource.

With themes shaped by the International Water Association (IWA) and the featured films produced on behalf of content partners by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the stories in Beneath the Surface spotlight projects around the world aimed at securing this essential element.

Taking a deep dive into the world of water, this brand new series celebrates some of the pioneers around the world working to keep this precious resource safe – from taking inspiration from nature to filter water in Copenhagen, to monitoring the maze of underground water pipes in a Romanian city, to repurposing a hydroelectric dam in the mountains of Italy to provide a community with a more reliable water supply, these stories range from the microscopic to the vast, showing the ripple effect across the water industry. Valuing every drop of water is critical to preserving the huge quantities required to sustain communities of today and the future.

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The Series

Beneath the Surface

Water is the foundation of our existence, our economies, industries and ecosystems. But amid global scarcity, what is being done to protect it?

Join us as we journey around the world and discover stories from the people at the heart of the preservation of this precious resource.



1. Channelling Access: Water surrounds us, but how are communities worldwide ensuring everyone can reach it?
2. Hidden Connections: Rethinking the systems that provide water at every stage of its cycle.
3. Changing Climates: Energising communities and inspiring resilience against challenging climates.
4. Digital Water: This essential resource needs dynamic innovation. How can technology help bring water into the future?

17 global content partners

Black & Veatch
European Investment Bank Uganda
Black & Veatch
European Investment Bank Italy

20+ diverse locations

California, USA
Tenerife and Madrid, Spain
Mukono District, Uganda
Gothenburg, Sweden
Turks & Caicos
Kassel, Germany
Constanta City, Romania
Nebraska, USA
Turin, Italy
Copenhagen, Denmark
Porto, Portugal
Joinville, Brazil
Switzerland and The Netherlands
Kingston, Jamaica
Polokwane, South Africa
Glasgow, Scotland

Advancing solutions for over 3.6 billion people without access to WASH

Drinking Water:
2 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water at home. Of those, 1.2 billion people have basic drinking water service. 8 out 10 people who continue to lack basic drinking water services live in rural areas.

3.6 billion people, nearly half the world’s population, do not have access to safely managed sanitation in their home. Of those, 1.9 billion people live with basic sanitation services.

2.3 billion people lack basic hygiene services, including soap and water at home. This includes 670 million people with no handwashing facilities at all.

Watch the stories

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The series website is accessible globally, except for users in the UK and China. We recommend these users to view the series films by clicking on the links below.

Stories will be added throughout a year long campaign, starting from 8 September 2022. Enjoy!