Marie Rødsten Sagen

Programmes Officer, Water and Sanitation Services
  Marie is an environmental engineer from Norway with a passion for environmental and equity issues. Marie joined IWA in 2014 and now strengthens IWA’s Global Headquarters working as a Programme Officer for Urban Water and Sanitation Servi... Read full biography
August 1, 2017
In an instant, Copenhagen was transformed into a scene from a Hollywood disaster movie. We were soaked to the bones in seconds, and the road we were walking down turned into a wild river of rainwater with a pinch of sewage. My fri...
January 19, 2017
As the sun sets over the lush fields in the Indian city of Kolkata, it suddenly dawns upon me: this is the circular economy in action. It may be a low-income, low-tech, low-scale setting, but the scene before me is an example of t...