Comprehensive Rating System for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Improving provision of water and sanitation services for all critically relies on robust mechanisms for measuring and monitoring utility performance. AquaRating is a universal rating system that provides a comprehensive and reliable assessment of water and sanitation service providers’ performance and management practices, establishing a new global standard for water utility performance.

AquaRating assesses water and sanitation services providers using three measurements: performance indicators, best practices and information quality. The rating system gives a detailed evaluation of 112 elements across eight key areas, and validates information through an independent auditing process, enhancing accountability and transparency. As a standard, AquaRating sets the baseline for utilities to monitor their performance and plan for improvements.

Increased competing demands over rapidly dwindling water resources is urging the water sector to screen their performance in order to adopt cost-efficient and sustainable practices that improve the quality of service, optimize previously under-used assets improving their finances and revenues,  and operate sustainably protecting the environment.

The rating system has already been piloted in thirteen utilities in nine countries in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and is being rolled out across the globe.

Check out AquaRating‘s website for more information.

Rui Malheiro
Strategic Programmes Senior Officer