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What is this about?

The IWA Statistics and Economics Specialist Group provides a forum to discuss the financing of water utilities, the water tariff structures, performance indicators, efficiency and economics of water organizations, etc. A part of this service consists of water surveys and providing statistics about the water business, such as tables and figures on abstraction, consumption, tariffs, data on regulation, sewerage and wastewater treatment, bad payments, Covid-19, etc.


How to use the digital platform


Tips and tricks

– There is a wide range of statistics from abstraction to charges  – Select the Statistic Type of data from the list.
– Depending on the statistic type, you can make a selection of a volume for 100 m³ or 200 m³ and for the years between 2014 and 2019 – Choose the Volume/Year.
– If you want to compare, please select all cities and/or all countries in the pop-up menu or mark the preferred selection – Select the Countries/Cities.
– Click the Generate button to see the data you’ve selected.
– You can Sort by ascending or descending on a specific parameter.
– By hovering on the bar, you can read the value.
– By hovering over the country/city, you can consult the available explanatory notes. Extensive notes can be consulted by clicking to view more details.
– Click the Share button to save the results or share them with others.

Interpreting the graphs correctly:

– The explanatory notes give more background information to interpret the data in the right way.
– All data are on country and city level, NOT on a company level.
– All financial data are converted to US$, the latest known exchange rate of December 2019.
– The exchange rates vary in time. Therefore it is not possible to compare charges in time.

Just go digital, visit our platform Statistics and build your own graphs!


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