December 7, 2019
Rosie Wheen, Chief Executive of WaterAid Australia, remarked that storytelling is the way to help us see the reality others face but also shows us how we can do something about it. Storytelling, Rosie added, highlights how basic w...
December 7, 2019
Thomas Kunetz, President of Water Environment Federation, spoke about the importance seeing human waste as a resource; as fertiliser and as a source of energy. He stated that we should move towards decentralised sanitation where t...
December 3, 2019
Utility management in emerging economies from IWA on Vimeo. Dr Silver Mugisha details the mixture of problems that utilities in emerging economies are facing. Backed by case studies carried out on the National Water and Sewerage C...
December 3, 2019
Gender Equity in water and sanitation from IWA on Vimeo. Madhu Krishna was the Opening Keynote speaker of Day 2 at the 2019 #DevelopmentCongress. She gave an address Gender equity in the water and sanitation sector. Madhu affirmed...
December 3, 2019
How to solve water demand and leapfrog solutions? #DevelopmentCongress day 2 from IWA on Vimeo. Emerging economies water solutions, storytelling, business models and sustainability are key for the development of emerging economies...
December 2, 2019
#DevelopmentCongress – How do we ensure the Human rights to water and Sanitation? from IWA on Vimeo. The opening of #DevelopmentCongress in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 1st December 2019. Learn more: https://www.waterdevelopmentcongr...
November 2, 2019
WaterAid’s Making Rights Real approach aims to bring stakeholders together to ensure that the world’s population has access to clean drinking water and decent sanitation; two of which are human rights. They will be in ...
October 24, 2019
The 2019 Water and Development Congress is jampacked with so many insightful activities. Here we’re suggesting a few. To view the full programme, click here:
October 10, 2019
 Dr. Helena Alegre shares her personal IWA story in this video, her growth as a member in IWA through her consistent and active engagement with the IWA and her attendance to our international, biannual congresses as well as par...
October 9, 2019
AquaRating focuses on the challenges that water and sanitation utilities face in a comprehensive way, evaluating their performance through indicators and management practices, establishing an international standard; and relying on...