July 24, 2020

Zoran Kapelan: Lessons on Bridging the Gap from Innovation to Impact


Zoran Kapelan is the Chair of Urban Water Infrastructure at the Delft University of Technology. He has 20 years of research relating to Digital Water. In this interview, Zoran tackles a few questions about the new and exciting technologies in the digital arena, the barriers that may hinder their implementation, and the work being done at University level to prepare the future generation to take up the reins.
Hear what he has to say!

For more information about the IWA Digital Water Programme, visit here: https://iwa-network.org/programs/digital-water/
For more information about the IWA Digital Water Summit, visit here: https://digitalwatersummit.org/

Erin Jordan

Strategic Programmes Officer - Strategic Programmes & Engagement erin.jordan [a] iwahq.org