January 15, 2018

Water Scarcity Forum

 The World Economic Forum ranks the water crisis as one of the top global risk facing societies, economies and businesses over the next decade. Four billion people throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America are affected daily by severe water scarcity and drought. Ganesh Pangare, IWA Asia Pacific Director, illustrates the issue and the solutions at the 2017 Water Scarcity Forum in Buenos Aires. Historically, public and private sectors have responded to water scarcity and drought by expanding storage infrastructure and by increasing water supply. Water scarcity and drought management needs to go beyond infrastructure and technologies and include water demand management, effective water allocation policies and incentives. It is about building systems resilient to water scarcity and drought and managing demand and improving supply. Become a member of our association to collaborate with those delivering sustainable water management: https://iwa-connect.org/subscribe#/explore-subscriptions