December 29, 2017

The National Water Plan

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The Argentine government has developed a significant National Water Plan with the goal of positioning the water resources as a key factor for a sustainable development of the country much in line with recently approved 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals and fostering a policies around Public-Private Partnerships in order to make an smart and effective use of water in economic, environmental and social ways. Thus, the National Water Plan defines four main components for the water policy: 1) Water Supply and Sanitation where the goal is to achieve 100% of clean water supply and 75% of sanitation, 2) Large scale multi-purpose water infrastructure and biomass, 3) the use of water for production mainly the smart the use of P3 to extend the agricultural frontier, allow clean industrial development and foster tourism and (4) water management and policies to adapting our extended territory for better dealing with climate change and variability.