March 24, 2017

Silver Mugisha – Water Career Stories

The water sector needs to attract and inspire professionals to choose to work and stay in the water sector. The water-related Sustainable Development Goals and targets will require a water sector workforce that is adequate in numbers and competencies. By sharing their Water Career Stories, the IWA water professionals want to contribute towards a water workforce that is adequate in size and competencies. Contributing towards a world in which water is wisely managed to satisfy the needs of human activities and ecosystems in an equitable and sustainable way, the IWA mission. Silver Mugisha is Managing Director of the Ugandan National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC). Working since 1994 at NWSC, he has been among the key champions to develop Performance Improvement Plans of the towns water schemes. Silver Mugisha holds a Ph.D in Civil Engineering of Makerere University. His research areas of interest are performance management, industrial organization and institutional development. Silver Mugisha is Vice-President of the IWA Board of Directors. He is also a research associate with the Public Utilities Research Centre, University of Florida, USA. And from 1st November 2010, Dr. Mugisha is a part-time Senior Lecturer at UNESCO-IHE. Learn more: