May 14, 2020

Cecilia Wennberg: Digitalisation journey for the water utility value chain

The digitalisation of the water sector allows for improved management of water utilities as well as prompt communication with consumers. In her interview, Cecilia Wennberg, Vice President of Market Development at DHI, talked about the benefits of techonological advancements in the water sector. She noted that consumers would have an insight into the quantities and quality of the resource, plus, providers would be able to guage the readiness to pay from the customers. She believes the work that is being done by the IWA Digital Water Programme is essential in helping utilities transform, by gathering information from those who have already adopted digitalised operations and sharing those experiences and knowledge to those who find it necessary. For more information about the IWA Digital Water Programme, visit here: For more information about the IWA Digital Water Summit, visit here:

Erin Jordan

Strategic Programmes Officer - Strategic Programmes & Engagement erin.jordan [a]