Inclusive Sanitation Case Stories

The Inclusive Urban Sanitation stories are documenting some of the policies, practices, and approaches that demonstrate how stakeholders especially those in urban areas (e.g., public sector, operators, academics, regulators, and other key actors) are taking part or contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 6 which require water and sanitation concepts and norms to look beyond technology and the usual focus on building infrastructure. Increased focus is on safety, inclusion, environment, public health, and multiple technology solutions tailored to different geographies and socio-economic contexts for building climate-resilient cities. The stories aim to inspire urban stakeholders to discuss ways for advancing inclusive urban sanitation, especially in low- and middle-income countries

Submission process

To submit a story, kindly send an abstract of not more than 500 words to The abstract should contain the title, name of author(s), location, and subject of the story. As part of the submission, the abstract will undergo a review. The abstract that meets the criteria will be contacted to submit the full story.

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Patrick Ronoh
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