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Youth Action for SDG 6 – IWA & Grundfos Fellowship Outcomes

The culmination of the IWA and Grundfos Youth Action for SDG 6 Fellowship is this publication, which aims to highlight the important role young people play in the UN 2030 SDG Agenda, focusing on how the water sector can be transformed by their energy and brilliance. Each chapter of this anthology is a mosaic of the Youth Fellows’ projects, carefully chosen to reflect their unique contributions toward achieving the SDGs, with a focus on SDG 6.

Co-authored by the IWA & Grundfos Youth Fellows and edited by IWA.

If you have any questions regarding this publication or the IWA and Grundfos Youth Action for SDG 6 Fellowship, please contact Isabela Espindola, IWA Membership Engagement Senior Officer.

Isabela Espindola

Senior Officer (YWPs and Water Policy & Regulation) - Strategic Programmes & Membership Engagement
Dr Isabela Espindola is a Senior Officer at the International Water Association (IWA), where she leads the engagement of the Young Water Professionals (YWPs) Community and the Water Policy and Regulation agenda. She has over 10 years of experience in... Read full biography