Project duration:

2009 - 2014

Human Resource Capacity Gaps Study

The progress many countries have made in the provision of safe water and adequate sanitation is at risk if we do not act now and invest in the people who can make universal access a reality

The human resource (HR) requirement to meet the water and sanitation targets has been relatively unknown in relation to the numbers of staff, qualifications and their practical experience. IWA has taken the learning from the health and education sectors and developed an assessment method to collect data on human resource gaps (skills) and shortages (number of workers) at the national level in the water and sanitation sector. Tested in 15 countries in Asia and Africa under (IWA HRCG study), the results are staggering. IWA calls upon decision makers in government, capacity development providers and organisations in the WASH sector for concerted action at national, regional and global level, to collect HR data, strengthen the evidence, and jointly develop national capacity development strategies.

Latest Updates

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June 15, 2020
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July 3, 2019
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Daniela Bemfica
Strategic Programmes & Engagement Director