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Water Leaders From 97 Countries Meet to Debate the Global Water Crisis and Chart Sustaniable Future For Water

Lisbon, 20 September 2014 – On 21st September, 2014 more than 5000 leading water experts and industry professionals from 97 countries will be coming together at the International Water Association (IWA)’s World Water Congress & Exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal, for five days of debate to identify and define new solutions to tackle the global water crisis.

Delegates will also review the latest scientific findings and share knowledge on leading edge water technologies, and propose effective regulatory systems to manage water and sanitation in a period of unprecedented water challenges. These include growing competition for water resources from industry, agriculture, nature and cities; all of which are impacted by climate change, population growth, changing consumption patterns and rapid urbanization.

Water has a critical role to play in every major global debate currently underway – from climate change and the green economy; industrialisation and urbanization; human health and food production; economic development and regional stability.

The Congress is timely, as it will coincide with another key debate taking place in New York, when the UN General Assembly convenes to agree a new set of vital Sustainable Development Goals to replace the longstanding Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015) and set the agenda for poverty reduction and improving the health, welfare and rights of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens over the next 15 years.

Ger Bergkamp, Executive Director of the International Water Association, said, “The lack of water security is a top global risk. A risk of high impact and high likelihood. It will negatively affect human health, environmental sustainability, global supply chains, regional stability and economic performance.
“The challenge for the water sector and water professionals is to turn this risk into an opportunity to deliver a sustainable water future for all. How we meet the needs and expectations of billions of global citizens by improving water availability and safety, will be central to the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition.”


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