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International Water Association announces President-elect: Tom Mollenkopf

04 October 2019, Lisbon, Portugal – Today the International Water Association elected Mr. Tom Mollenkopf as President-elect of the Association for the period October 2020 until August 2022. He will take office at the end of the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mr. Mollenkopf, an Australian national, has been an active member of the IWA for many years. He became a member following an early professional career in law and he has spent the past 25 years in the water sector. He has been a member of the IWA Board of Directors for the past five years. He was Deputy Executive Director of IWA in 2005, and following that, he was elected Senior Vice President twice, in 2014 and 2016. Mr. Mollenkopf was invited to serve a further term on the Board in 2018. He takes over the role of president from Diane d’Arras who has served two terms.

“I am passionate about the water sector and its role in the health, economic, environmental and social wellbeing of humanity;” says Mr. Mollenkopf. “The IWA has a pivotal role and the capability to lead the advancement of water science and practice globally, and I have enjoyed the benefits of IWA personally and professionally and want to put my skills and energy towards growing IWA’s impact and reach.”

Mr. Mollenkopf’s election is a tribute to his engagement in the Australian and international water sector during his career in the industry. It is also a strong recognition to his commitment to ensuring a water-wise and water-just world, where water is sustainably managed for all human and environmental needs.

Admiring the strong and knowledgeable IWA membership, Mr. Mollenkopf says that “I cherish the intellect, diversity and collective voice and opinions of the IWA membership. And I truly value their friendship. I know that water sector professionals understand the magnitude of the global water challenge and that we are in a unique position to offer solutions.”

His appointment highlights the IWA’s desire to bring all stakeholders from around the globe together to work on our water future, to make a difference.


More information: Tom Mollenkopf CV

More information: Ulrike Kelm, IWA Communications Manager ulrike.kelm@iwahq.org.


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