June 4, 2019 SDGs

Inauguration of Nanjing IWA Global Operations Hub

Nanjing, 4th June – A new IWA global operation hub based in Asia is an important and strategic step to achieve IWA’s vision of a water-wise world. Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG6, IWA inspires water professionals to deliver water and sanitation for all.

From many perspectives, Nanjing is a perfect place for IWA to establish its global operation hub. Being home to over 2,000 environment companies and 100 universities and research institutes, Jiangsu Province boosts China’s economy and leads innovations in the water and other relevant industries. While Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province, is leading the efforts to develop innovative solutions to concerns around water.

“I do believe this IWA Global Operations Hub in Nanjing will develop a range of activities that leverage our professional networks to create value for the water sector and to serve our members and partners from the region and the globe” said IWA President, Diane d’Arras.

The IWA new hub in Nanjing will support IWA’s global activities, and will develop and organise a new biennial global water “IWA Nanjing International Water Week” from 2021, focusing on new ‘ready to market’ water technologies and insights into transformative water innovations.

The hub in Nanjing is going to undertake horizon scanning on the future of the water sector, and will support the consolidation of global water science and technology expertise. And it is going to play a pivotal role in bridging the chasm between research and practice to accelerate the development and diffusion of innovation in the global water sector.

Kala Vairavamoorthy, IWA Executive Director, stated in his speech: “We are an association created or re-created every day by our members and for our members. I hope through all the businesses undertaken by the Global Operation Hub in Nanjing, IWA can better serve our members in the region and the world by delivering innovative, pragmatic and sustainable solutions to challenging global needs for safe water.”

A sincere thanks to our partners in Nanjing:

• Nanjing Municipal Government,
• Jianye District Government,
• Singapore-Nanjing Eco Hi-Tech Island and
• Dajiang Environment Corporation

IWA President, Diane D’Arras, concluded: “There is much we have to do to achieve a water-wise world together. This common future will see a sustainable use of our water resources. With emphasis on re-using Water, replenish Water Sources and reducing Water consumption, we look forward to working together with you all and deliver a water-wise world to all. Xiexie! (Thank you)”

About IWA

The IWA is the global professional membership association with members in over 130 countries. Throughout its 70-year heritage, IWA has established its reputation as global agenda-setting water association and plays a central role in bridging the gap between water science and practice and between developed and developing countries.