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Global Water Award, 2014

Delivering wastewater treatment to 500 million people

Dr. Qiu Baoxing has made outstanding contributions to manage and improve water pollution and water environmental governance in the face of China’s rapid urbanisation and industrialisation.

Under his leadership between 2001-2013, the number of wastewater treatment plants in urban areas of China dramatically increased from 506 to 3513, a more than seven-fold increase. This equates to a total capacity increase from 35 million to 150 million cubic meter of wastewater being treated each day, a four-fold increase.

Dr. Qiu Baoxing put forward the conceptual notion of human-water harmony and healthy water circulation system, as well as strategies in realistic urban planning and development, and for city water utilization management. He has made guided significant developments in the safety of drinking water, urban water conservation, theupgrading of urban sewage treatment facilities, water environment governance, and water ecological protection.

Thanks to his work and vision, more than 500 million residents in urban area have been provided with wastewater treatment and sanitation services in the past 13 years. A phenomenal achievement highlighted by the fact that wastewater treatment coverage in cities has been increased from 30% to 89%; while wastewater treatment coverage in counties has been increased from 10% to 78%.

He strongly advocates the economic utilisation of water resources in China, putting forward ideas and actions necessary to promote “water conservation cities”. He adheres to the notion of “people-oriented” solutions and practices, to ensure the safety of drinking water and to keep the urban water supply and quality standards in line with those of developed countries; simultaneously promoting comprehensive urban sewage treatment facilities and capabilities in a bid to raise China’s sewage treatment capacity to the highest global standards.

In the area of urban planning and construction, he is an advocate for water ecology and water environment protection, and has creatively set up the water blue line management system to promote low impact urban development. He strongly advocates the development of green buildings and promoted new concepts and demonstration systems, while putting in place good practice, including the establishment of resources microcirculation and micro wastewater treatment within communities and buildings. All these are conducive to water conservation, non-conventional water resources utilisation, and wastewater decentralized treatment, enabling water and energy recycling.

Dr. Qiu Baoxing, is the former Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China. He is also the Vice-chairman of Committee of Population, Resources and Environment, CPPCC National Committee, China, President of the Chinese Society for Urban Studies, the president of Urban Planning Society of China, and the Chairman of IWA China Committee. He holds a PhD in Economics and a PhD in Urban Planning. He is a senior urban planner, as well as visiting professor, adjunct professor and PhD supervisor at various universities, including theChinese Academy of Social Science, Tongji University, Tsinghua University and Cardiff University.


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