Arup and the International Water Association form strategic partnership to accelerate transition towards water-wise cities

14th June 2017, Gothenburg – A new strategic partnership between global engineering and consulting firm, Arup, and the International Water Association (IWA) has been announced at Embrace the Water: a Cities of the Future Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. The partnership aims to empower urban leaders to bring about a paradigm shift in the way water is managed, to make cities more sustainable, resilient and liveable.

The Water-Wise Cities Initiative brings urban professionals together with water professionals to ensure water management is fully integrated in city planning and design. Key areas of collaboration between Arup and the IWA include advancing the knowledge available to city leaders and urban professionals to support the transition towards water-wise cities; empowering Young Water Professionals to play a significant role in driving this transition; and influencing agents of change to take action towards designing water-wise cities.

Corinne Trommsdorff, IWA Cities of the Future Programme Manager, said: “This is the first key strategic partnership that supports the IWA Water-Wise Cities Initiative. This partnership will help accelerate the transition to water-wise cities throughout the world. It will enable us to reach and engage more key urban stakeholders towards impact-oriented actions to improve urban water as part of urban development. IWA is about using the power of the network to inspire and catalyse change. Arup is a Champion of water-wise cities, supporting the IWA network instigating champions amongst urban leaders and professionals”

Mark Fletcher, Global Water Leader at Arup, said: “The rapidly growing population in cities is putting increasing pressure on already scarce water resources.  As a result we need to think and act wisely to find ways to do more with less, while ensuring that cities are resilient to floods, droughts and the challenges of growing water scarcity. Through our partnership with the IWA we can help civic leaders ensure that cities continue to have access to safe water and sanitation, putting water at the forefront of all future design and development.”

Arup’s partnership with the IWA’s Water-Wise Cities Initiative has the ultimate goal of inspiring other organisations, local governments, urban professionals and the community at large to take collaborative action, underpinned by a shared vision, to drive long-term solutions to the future of cities.

Dozens of cities, urban organisations and individual urban professionals have endorsed the IWA Principles for Water-Wise Cities, recognizing the importance of water for cities of the future.