September 5, 2017 AgricultureIndustrySociety

High Tide for Change on the Circular Economy, with Marie Rødsten Sagen

Welcome to High Tide for Change, an IWA podcast where you will be introduced to water champions that are creating waves in their fields and ripples of change towards a water wise world.

The first series will focus on the circular economy of water: How do we get there? What tools are available to guide this transformation? What does transforming faecal waste into value look like in practice? What can technologies do to accelerate this transformation? Do high-tech water and sanitation systems also come with high risks?

In today’s podcast, Shona Jenkins introduces you to Marie Rødsten Sagen, Manager of Technology & Business Development at Invertapro. They discuss why the transition to a circular economy is so exciting and reflect on her experience working on developing tools to enable the transition and what other opportunities the circular economy offers in sectors beyond water and sanitation.