Yang G. Villa
Head of the Philippines for the Isle Utilities - Career-building role at IWA YWP Steering Committee


Yang has been working in the water sector for 13 years as a business developer. He is the co-founder of the IWA YWP chapter in the Philippines and was the Conference President for the 10th IWA Specialist Conference on Efficient Urban Water Management (Efficient 2019) in Manila, Philippines. Yang was one of the Philippines’ 30-under-30 young environmental champions in 2018; the SDG-6 Youth Champion for Luzon in 2019; and a finalist for the International Water Association’s Young Leadership Award in 2020. He is on a mission to develop the leadership potential of as many young leaders as can fitted in a lifetime.

Yang works to enable water sector innovation that promotes development. Infrastructure, financing, and technology are a means to this end; his job is to help channel these where they can make the most impact.