William Cappuyns
Membership Engagement Officer (Learn & Intelligence)


William is the Membership Engagement Officer (Learn & Intelligence) based at the IWA headquarters in London. His role involves supporting the coordination and engagement of the water policy and regulation work and the international regulators community, supporting the implementation of engagement strategies for utilities and assisting with research projects. He has been working at IWA since September 2021.

William holds a Master of Science in Urban Environmental Management from Wageningen University and Research (the Netherlands), where he studied topics such as governance for sustainable cities, environmental management and industry, planning for urban quality of life, urban sensitive water design and circular economy. He also holds a Bachelor of Education and geography from the University of Malawi and completed a short course on “greening the economy: sustainable cities” from Lund university (Sweden). William has been involved in several research projects involving sustainable urban and environmental planning.

His expertise lies in sustainable urban management, environmental planning, community development, and sustainable policy and governance. William’s key interests lie in research in urban water management, sustainable water resource management, climate resilient water systems, and water and sanitation (WASH), with key interest in developing countries.

Being half Malawian and Belgian, William has lived in Malawi, Belgium, the Netherlands, and now resides in the United Kingdom. William’s background equips him with a unique source of interdisciplinary, cultural and language knowledge.