Sara Bosshart
Open Access Publisher at IWA Publishing


Sara is the Open Access Publisher at IWA Publishing where she is responsible for developing and implementing a strategic plan for a transition towards Open Access.

Sara previously worked for Frontiers where she helped to launch multiple journals, including Frontiers in Marine Science. Sara was also responsible for spearheading the launch of the new London Office and promotion of the Frontiers mission in the UK and abroad.

Sara majored in Earth Science as an undergraduate at Northwestern University. She then studied paleoceanography and climatology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Her research focused on understanding past climate changes in the Indian Ocean by studying the isotopic composition of foraminifera, ancient microscopic plankton. During her time in Scotland, Sara also assisted undergraduate classes on oceanography, geomorphology, and environmental sustainability and change. Subsequently, Sara studied Marine Geology and Geophysics at the MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program, where her thesis explored the effect of climactic shifts on coral growth in the Caribbean.