Sanjay Banka
SDG6 Advocate and Chairman of Banka BioLoo Limited


Sanjay Banka is Executive Chairman of Banka BioLoo, and a strong propagator of SDG 6.

With academic background in sciences, humanities, human rights, law and business management, he has a strong understanding of the society, economy and the polity, along with technology and sustainable development, with a focus on water and sanitation.

Professionally, he has worked in family business, start-ups, MNCs and co-founded Banka BioLoo (a social enterprise), with spouse Namita Banka. The bioloo is an affordable onsite sanitation system, whereby the faecal matter is converted to water and biogas in a multi-chambered bio-digester tank, with the help of bacterial culture.

Well-versed with humanitarian problems, primarily issues related to water and sanitation, he puts his best foot forward in helping provide eco-friendly and sustainable water and sanitation solutions to households, school children, workers and other user groups, with a focus on the marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society, helping eradicate open defecation, generally.

He is considered an expert on sustainable WaSH (water, sanitation and hygiene); and regularly participates in, and contributes to the global WaSH advocacy and action; and has a deep commitment to the social enterprise ecosystem. He has a strong understanding of, and has worked across various WaSH themes such as WaSH in schools (WinS), WaSH at the workplace (WaSH4Work), WaSH in healthcare settings, among others.

Sanjay is a prolific writer and speaker, and has authored many pieces on sustainable WaSH, has also spoken extensively, including at the UN. He has built strong network with WaSH organizations and professionals-practitioners, and social entrepreneurs.

He strongly believes in partnerships as a basis for sustainable development, according to him governments, civil society, academia and businesses need to work in harmony for the greater good of the society.