Roland Liemberger
NRW Management Advisor at Miya


For the last thirty years Roland Liemberger has worked on Non-Revenue Water (NRW) reduction and water utility efficiency improvement projects around the world, primarily in Low and Middle Income Countries. Roland was involved in several large NRW reduction projects such as the rehabilitation of the water supply system of the Kafr El Sheikh Governorate (Egypt, 1989-1994), the Selangor NRW Reduction Project (Malaysia, 1999-2003) and the Ho Chi Minh City NRW Management Project (Vietnam, 2003-2008). In 2008 Roland joined Miya, a global group specializing on urban water efficiency. Since then he has worked on the world’s largest NRW reduction program in Manila (Philippines, 2008-2014) and most recently in Kingston (Jamaica, since 09/2015) where Miya is embarking on another large NRW reduction project.

Roland has worked in 40 different countries and has designed and delivered NRW management training courses in many of them. He has published articles and papers on topics related to water loss reduction in low and middle income countries, including “The Issues and Challenges of Reducing Non-Revenue Water” by the Asian Development Bank:

Roland is an active member of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group and regularly speaks at IWA conferences and Congresses.