Manoj Roy, Roger Pickup, Ella Foggitt and Nikita Mehta
Lancaster University, UK


Manoj is a researcher-activist, to complement his role as a lecturer in sustainability at Lancaster University. He specialises in advancing our understanding of everyday challenges that ordinary people experience, and in experimenting with ways that could address those challenges.

Roger is professor of Biomedicine and Life Sciences at Lancaster University, with 40 year experience in environmental Microbiology. His current research focusses on Crohn’s Disease and the environment and sanitation and health in low-income communities.

Ella is a postgraduate researcher at Lancaster University. She has worked as a water, sanitation and hygiene professional in development and humanitarian contexts. Her research interests include water and sanitation governance.

Nikita is a postgraduate researcher at Lancaster University. She worked as a journalist for five years before transitioning into the development sector. Her research interests include sanitation, public health and structural inequalities.