Lledo Castellet, Stefanos Xenarios and Ed Smeets


 Lledo Castellet – Researcher at the University of Valencia, Spain, since 2015.

She has a degree on Environmental Science and a master´s degree on Water Resources Management. She has collaborated in different European and national projects related to the management of water utilities, the efficiency of water and wastewater treatment processes, and the energy consumption in the urban water cycle. And she has been a teaching assistant in the Master of Science in Water Resources Management of the University of Valencia.


Stefanos Xenarios -Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Public Policy in Nazarbayev University

Stefanos is an environmental economist by training with focus on water resources and climate change aspects. He initially acquired a 3-years of postdoctoral experience in India and Ethiopia as a staff member of the International Water Management Institute (IWMI). Subsequently, Stefanos did research on climate change and agriculture in South Asia, based at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy (NIBIO), and worked as Head of the Water and Energy Security Unit at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Office in Tajikistan. He further became Senior Researcher in the University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan leading activities on water-energy-food and environment nexus in the region while in May 2018 he was appointed as Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Public Policy in Nazarbayev University based in Kazakhstan. He is in the Editorial Board of the Hydrology Research Journal while he is a committee member of the International Water Association’s Specialist Group on Statistics and Economics.


Ed Smeets – Chairman of the Specialist Group Statistics and Economics

I have over 30 years experience as cfo/managing director/manager/interim manager in different kind of companies and also in advising companies about strategy, finance and other non-technical fields (IT, HRM, purchasing, customers, etc.)
What I like to do most is coaching people and managing (financial and non-financial) processes in line with the companies strategy and companies targets.
I like to be amongst people, build a team with them, achieve results and also have fun together.
If I work for your organization you’ll get all the results that we agree in advance. In any case you get (financial and non-financial) performance improvements, better equipped and more satisfied personnel and also more satisfied stakeholders.
Since more than 20 years I am also experienced as Supervisor in different kinds of Supervisory Boards.