Lene Halgaard
Communication Manager


Lene is Communication Manager at Aarhus Vand. Lene focuses especially on international projects and partnerships and how sustainable water technology solutions in Aarhus Vand and Denmark can be disseminated to an international audience.

Aarhus Vand is a water supplier owned by Aarhus Municipality. It operates throughout the entire water cycle, encompassing the production and distribution of drinking water as well as the purification of wastewater, ensuring the sustainability of the water cycle and maintaining its health. The utility is responsible for managing multiple wastewater treatment plants in the Aarhus Municipality. Aarhus Vand aims to be the world’s first water company to obtain certification in accordance with the United Nations’ SDGs.

Aarhus Vand serves as an impartial knowledge partner in sustainable water cycle projects alongside Aarhus Municipality, collaborating in India, South Africa, and Ghana. The utility has formed partnerships with the Water Technology Alliance in the United States and Europe, as well as the Net Zero Alliance in Australia and England. For more information, please visit www.aarhusvand.com