Lars Schroeder
CEO of Aarhus Vand Ltd.


Lars Schroeder is CEO of Aarhus Vand Ltd., one of the leading water utilities in the Danish water sector that works with the entire lifecycle of water – from drinking water supply to wastewater treatment. Aarhus Vand Ltd. is owned 100% by Aarhus Municipality and cooperates closely with the municipality on planning and execution of a wide variety of environmental and urban development projects which take climate changes into consideration.


Lars Schroeder has more than 35 years of the experience from the Danish water sector and together with the rest of the team at Aarhus Vand, he has a long-standing tradition of taking part in research and development projects at home and abroad to be at the forefront of both knowledge and technology in the water and wastewater industry. In 2019, he was appointed Vice Chair of the Danish government’s Climate Partnership on Waste, Water and Circular Economy.