Katharine Cross and Brenda Ampomah


Katharine Cross, IWA Strategic Programme Officer

Katharine manages IWA’s strategic programmes including all projects. She has extensive experience (+15 years) in water resource management from global to local scale, with a background in engineering, development, governance and policy. She is the lead on IWA’s Basins of the Future including development of the Action Agenda for Basin-Connected Cities which is a framework for urban stakeholders to be active water stewards in their basins. She previously worked for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as the Technical Coordinator for Water and Wetlands in Eastern and Southern Africa, and at the headquarters in Switzerland in the Global Water Programme. She has also worked as an environmental scientist for a consulting company in the oil and gas sector in Canada, and on technical projects in Bolivia and Ghana with Engineers Without Borders.


Brenda Ampomah-Ankrah, IWA Project Officer, Africa Regional Office

Currently, Brenda is a programmes officer based in Ghana and her primary roles are to support various thematic programmes including Basins of the Future and Water Supply service in Africa in order to support the main objectives of IWA. Prior to her engagement at IWA, she was at Water Resources Commission in Ghana where she was in charge of assisting in the implementation of Integrated Water Resource Management Plan in the basin, education and Public awareness activities and provision of technical support for collaboration with relevant stakeholders for the management of the basin.