José Manuel Sardinha
President EPAL


“We are a decade away from meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda and three decades from fulfilling the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Vision for 2050. The entire international community must unite in order to achieve these goals so that we can ensure a better planet for future generations. Count on our experience and know-how to face this challenge, one that all of us must face up to.

Portugal and the AdP Group, have already started on the path towards carbon and energy neutrality in the water and wastewater sector through the Zero Programme. At an international level, I hope that the sector will be able to find effective responses to stem the rise in global temperatures, as well as react positively to the enormous challenges and complexities related to climate change.

  • Degree and Masters in Environmental Engineering, specialising in Sanitary Engineering from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (New University of Lisbon).
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of EPAL SA.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Águas do Vale do Tejo, SA and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of AdP, SGPS.
  • Visiting Professor at the Department of Science and Technology at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, with teaching activities covering the treatment of water, urban waste water and industrial effluent.
  • Permanent Member of the Engineering Academy.