Isabella Montgomery
Programme Manager, Container Based Sanitation Alliance


Isabella Montgomery is a Programme Manager at the Container Based Sanitation Alliance. With a background in advocacy communications and coordination in WASH, public health and civil society engagement, she has worked with many collectives, including Freshwater Action Network, the International Coalition for Trachoma Control and Together 2030.

About container-based sanitation (CBS) 

CBS is a service that provides standalone toilets and regularly collects the waste in sealed containers to be safely treated, disposed of, or reused. The approach has emerged in different contexts around the world, often to address the lack of sanitation in hard-to-reach contexts where it is particularly well-suited as it can be challenging to install sewers, septic tanks, and pit latrines. This includes densely populated informal settlements, areas with too much or too little water, or with rocky ground or hills and refugee camps.

About the Container Based Sanitation Alliance  

The Container Based Sanitation Alliance (CBSA) was set up to support the proliferation and scale-up of CBS services, recognising that they have a valuable role to play, along with other sanitation approaches, to support citywide inclusive sanitation and ensure everyone, everywhere has access to safe sanitation.